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Dishwasher Repair


Gone are the days when a dishwasher was considered a luxury appliance. Now most homes come standard with a dishwasher installed and most homeowners take it for granted. But along with this new standard comes a need for high quality and affordable dishwasher repair service.

Our team of skilled dishwasher repair technicians are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week ready to arrive at a moment’s notice to assist you with which ever type of dishwasher repair service you may need. If you are in need of a dishwasher repair in Edmonton, call our office 24/7.


Whether you are in immediate need of professional assistance for your Edmonton dishwasher repairs or need to simply schedule a routine service appointment at a time of day that fits into your schedule you can be sure that when you call upon Affordable Appliance Repair Edmonton we will have a customer service representative standing by ready to take your call and get the correct repair technician at your home exactly when you need us.

Since we are open 24/7 we are able to respond to all dishwasher repair in Edmonton calls just when you need us, nothing is worse than getting home from a long days work to notice that your dishwasher is leaking all over the floor, and then being told by some automated message that a representative will be in touch with you in 24 hours.

No one likes to wait especially when there is damage occurring to your home, this is why we have made sure that our team of skilled appliance repair technicians are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week ready to come right out to your home and fix any kind of dishwasher repair you may need.

Affordable Edmonton Dishwasher Repair


One of the most common types of dishwasher repairs we are called out for is a ruptured drain hose, this is the hose underneath the dishwasher that drain the dishwasher into the sink. If this becomes unattached or clogged the results can be disastrous, and quite nasty, with dirty dish water leaking out all over your floor causing major flooding.

Our team of dishwasher repair technicians in Edmonton have the tools and parts needed in their mobile service units to repair just about any type of dishwasher appliance on the market. Another common repair call we receive is for dishwasher door latch malfunctions, if the latch doesn’t properly latch the dishwasher will not run and leaks can occur.

Maybe the spray arm of your dishwasher is clogged over time this will no longer mix the detergent with the water making your dishwasher not clean your dishes or make the arm spray water in the wrong direction which can cause leaks.

No matter what type of dishwasher repair service you may need in Edmonton or which type of dishwasher you may have, you can be sure that our team of skilled local professional appliance repair technicians can and will get your dishwasher back up and running like new again. Sometimes a simple routine maintenance is all that’s needed to keep your dishwasher running smoothly, our Affordable Edmonton Appliance Repair technicians are also able to assist you with that.

All of our techs keep a large selection of tools and parts to repair or replace all the necessary parts on your dishwasher to keep it in fine working condition. From Samsung to Electrolux, Bosch to Beaumark our Edmonton dishwasher appliance repair team has the knowledge and training to complete any one of the many repair services we offer right there on the spot.

If you are in need of 24 hours emergency dishwasher repairs in Edmonton or need to schedule a routine maintenance service be sure to contact our customer service team 24 hours a day 7 days a week to schedule your appointment or to learn more about the dishwasher repair services we offer in Edmonton.

Dishwasher Repair Edmonton