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Chris Cashings

Washer Repair

My Washer seemed to spring a leak right during a cycle, I could not for the life of me locate the leak but I called Affordable Appliance Repair Edmonton and the tech who came out to assist me was able to find the leak in literally minutes and explained exactly what he was doing step by step. Great Service, quick appointment, and low prices? Honestly can’t ask for much more.

Louis Anderson

Oven Repair

We have used Affordable Appliance Repair Edmonton 3 times now. First for our Dryer when it would not dry anymore, second for our refrigerator when it could not stay cold, and this last time for our oven that decided two days before Christmas to stop lighting altogether. Every time we have hired this company we have been more and more blown away by their commitment to service and low prices. I will continue to use them for any other appliance repairs I may need as well as recommend them to all my friends and neighbors. Cannot say enough good things about them!

Andrea Faning

Dishwasher Repair

Got done cooking dinner and tossed the dishes into the dishwasher like I do every night and sat down to catch up on my emails. That’s when I heard the loud noise! I thought for sure my dishes were broken, so I immediately stopped the dishwasher and called Affordable Appliance Repair Edmonton. They sent a technician right out and he replaced the pump in less than an hour and was on his way. Fast and friendly with low prices and smart technicians. I will definitely recommend.

Susan Hardy

Refrigerator Repair

Moved into a new home and the previous owners left us the refrigerator. Should have known something was not right with it since it was a newer model yet they still left it. About a week after having moved in the fridge simply stopped working. We had just spent pretty much our life savings getting the home and needed to make this refrigerator last until we could afford a new one. We called Affordable Appliance Repair Edmonton and they sent a technician right out. We thought he would just a Band-Aid on it to get us through until we could purchase a new one, but we were sure wrong! Our tech replaced the motor and the fridge has been running like new ever since. Thanks so much for the quick response and amazing service.

Barbara James

Dryer Repair

Sunday is the day my whole family does our laundry since it is one of the only days days we are all home together. This past Sunday just as I started my loads I noticed the laundry coming out of the dryer was not dry at all. I tried a few more times with no luck. After I exhausted all my options I called for emergency appliance repair in Edmonton. Within an hour the guy was at my house repairing my dryer and cleaning out all my vents. Within the hour I was back to finishing my laundry with little interruption to my family’s routine. Thanks again, will definitely recommend!

Eleanor Wilson

Stove Repair

Every month my whole family comes over for a family fun day followed by a big sit down meal! This month it was my turn to host and just as I was getting ready to put the ham on the stove I quickly realized that this was not going to be a fun day at all. My stove would not turn on, so I began to panic. I called Affordable Appliance Repair Edmonton and they sent a guy right out. He fixed the stove right away and I was still able to cook the ham and enjoy my evening with my family just as I’d planned! So glad this company stands by their word with 24/7 Emergency service!