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Washer Repair


Many many years ago washing your clothing was quite the hassle, either you had to hand wash each item and hang it to dry or you had to pay lots of money to have your clothing washed at a laundromat. Nowadays washing machines are a modern convenience many of us take for granted, that is until they are no longer working. This appliance comes in two main types a front loading or a top loading, no matter what type of washing machine you have you can be sure that our team of skilled washer repair technicians in Edmonton can and will be able to make the proper repairs to get your washer back up and running like new.

With all the new advances in technology washing machines have more controls then your remote control for your television, child safety locks, steam functions, different settings for spin cycles and a times cycle option. It is imperative that our team of washing machine repair technicians are properly trained in all the latest and greatest washer repair techniques, which is why we have made sure we keep our technicians trained in all the newest repair methods.


From broken drain hoses, malfunctioning motors, broken door latches or a leaking water pump; our team of skilled washing machine technicians have a fully loaded mobile service unit that is filled with all the tools and parts needed to complete any one of the many washer repairs you may need.

All of our technicians are fully licensed, insured and qualified to work on all makes and models of washing machines. In some cases a full repair service is not always needed just a simple tune up is all it will take to get your washer back up and running like it should be.

Washing machines just like all other appliances provide us with warning signs or noises to alert us that something is not right. With our daily lives being so hectic it is not always something that we notice, but if you hear your washer making a loud noise, leaking water, shaking more than normal or not washing the clothes correctly the time is now to call our team of Edmonton Appliance Repair technicians so we can solve your problem by scheduling a routine maintenance before a costly repair is needed.

If you in need of a washer repair service in Edmonton, give us a call today. All of our customer service representatives are standing by to take your call and send our team right out to your home and assist you.

Local Edmonton Washer Repair by Affordable Appliance Repair Edmonton


Here at Affordable Appliance Repair Edmonton we understand how frustrating it can be when you are in need of immediate assistance and are told it could be up to a week until you will have any one out to help.

Even if you have a protection plan with your electricity provider they are not always able to assist when you need them. This is why we have made sure that we will always have a team of skilled washer repair technicians in Edmonton on call ready to arrive at your home as quickly as possible and get right to work fixing your washing machine issues.

By making our appliance repair services available 24 hours a day 7 days a week we are able to provide our top of the line emergency appliance service to each and every one of our neighbors here in Edmonton. We fully understand that you work hard for your money and do not appreciate being taken advantage of when you are down on your luck which is why we promise to always have the all around lowest prices for all of our washer repair services guaranteed.

And just because our prices are lower than our competitors does not mean for one minute that our level of service will waiver, we only hire local professional repair technicians to work on our team.